About Us

Winners at WorkWINNERS AT WORK is in the business of assisting managers to develop productive workplace cultures.

Our point-of-difference is that we don’t have ‘off-the-shelf’ pre-packaged ‘solutions’. WINNERS AT WORK appreciates that your issues are unique to your business and therefore we tailor our responses to your needs and interests. In other words, we are problem solvers who use a wide and proven variety of strategies that add value and are sustainable in  developing a more productive workplace culture.

For instance, we believe that the employer-employee relationship is fundamental to developing a productive workplace culture. Dr Tim Baker has developed the Corporate Culture Change Cycle – a unique methodology of benchmarking the employment relationship in your organisation. This approach can be used as a roadmap for improvements in productivity, innovation, engagement, staff retention and flexibility (see Dr Baker’s interview on Sky News).

Once we have established the benchmarks for your organisation based on the New Employment Relationship Model, we use tactics, strategies and approaches to create a more productive workplace culture. Some of these approaches include:

  • Sustainable change management approaches that are based on managing the emotional stages of change, rather than the change itself
  • Leadership development that is based on the assumption that your managers are the key to successful and sustainable change
  • Executive coaching and 360 degree feedback that recognises that the most powerful change agent is personal insight
  • Team development that acknowledges that teamwork is the cornerstone for success in a marketplace characterised by accelerated change and uncertainty.
  • People skill development that assumes that technical know-how is never enough to bring about effective change and customer engagement

We have been in business for 18 years which means that we have an impressive track record of success and a wide and impressive array of clients.

Our unique Five Conversations Framework is an outstanding replacement for tired old performance appraisal system most organisations are still labouring under.