• Certificate IV in Frontline Management  Did you know that you may be eligible for rebate for your staff undertaking theNews Certificate IV in Frontline Management? We are commencing a new program shortly. We will have limited spaces for this so that we can personalise the program to the needs of participants.
  • Improve Sales up to 10%  What would a 10% improvement in the performance of each salesperson do for your organisation’s bottomline? As a way of improving leadership capacities, managers have benefited from 360 degree feedback. In the same way, we have developed a unique process for improving sales performance.
  • Influencing is the Lifeblood of the Modern Manager  Have you ever considered how very persuasive people influence others? What are the factors that cause people to say yes? According to Professor Robert Cialdini, regarded as the world’s leading authority on the subject of influence and persuasion and author of the classic – Influence:  The Psychology of Persuasion, there are several traits . We have designed a survey instrument to measure and improve your capacity to influence. 
  • Leaders in Local Government Program  Your Council is likely to have an implicit or explicit core value of Leadership. WINNERS AT WORK has extensive experience working with Regional and City Councils throughout Australia. We would welcome the opportunity of discussing the Leaders in Local Government program with you.
  • What role do you play in your team?  Effective teams are vital for the success of a specific business unit and your organisation as a whole. The ability to understand your own preference style as well as others within your team is invaluable. The Team Management Profile provides a practical model for effective teamwork in any context.