Team Management Profile (TMP)


The TMP is a personalised report that gives individuals insights into how they work and their preferred role within a team, based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel seen to the left. Focusing on work preferences as well as individual differences makes it easy to connect individual development to operational realities in the workplace.

What do people think of the TMP process? Here is a group of managers from Rockhampton Regional Council discussing TMP.

How does it work?

A 60-item profile questionnaire measures an individuals work preferences to give you a personalised report showing your major and two related roles on he Team Management Wheel on the left. You may choose to receive the results back as a hard copy, professionally bound report, or choose to receive the results instantly using the e-Profile option. For more information please refer to Team Management Systems.


We then get your team together and work with the profiles to achieve three objectives for the team members and the team:

  • To develop an understanding of how you like to contribute when working in teams;
  • To appreciate and understand the diversity of offerings within  a team; and
  • To use a process of achievement for all team tasks and projects.